Entry #1

2000 listenings reached !

2011-05-06 19:36:55 by SoundReaper

My first post, just to thank all of you.
I've now reached 2000 listenings, and I'm simply glad to see that people enjoy my songs.
It gives me even more desire to continue. :)
And feel free to comment et criticize if you have a suggestion about one song. This can only benefit me. ;)

About my songs.. I use in fact 2 softwares : Reason and Ableton. But because of a bug with Ableton, I can't continue (or with difficulty because of crashes every 3 minutes) to work on "The Jungle" and "Beyond the Universe" (this is an early version, and yes, it is very inspired of 2 or 3 things. :p).

And even if it's written in the licensing terms, I repeat it : You can use any of my song for what you want. (But if you could send me a link or a copy of the creation.. Because I'm very curious :D).
And don't hesitate to ask me if you need a loop of one of my song. This is really easy to do. ;)

That's it. And thanks again for all your encouragments. ;)


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